Facebook Page 1,2,3,4 & now 5 posts

As Skinflute is clearly having a love in with the security at Facebook, we have taken advise from the military community & decided to use our blog to post, better late than never & no matter how many times his BFF’s at Facebook remove our page, the truth is always here to be viewed…..

To follow on from last nights post where he is thanking Help 4 Heroes for looking after him, when he got PTSD for tripping over a ‘rock’, we thought it would be fun to show what he actually thinks of H4H.25443071_154647038488367_3699447180341023395_n

Updated Cover photo to celebrate his delusions of PTSD; from a local living right by him this is what happened, he bullied his next door neighbour, one day he was in the neighbours face shouting, the neighbour gave him a little shove & the short, fat bald bastard stumbled backwards over an ornamental rock onto his arse…He now has PTSD from that little trip…..


Correct me if I’m wrong but did he not get a criminal record for pretending to be a soldier this year? Yet is tweeting a military charity thanking them for looking after him, for his ‘PTSD ‘ he got for stumbling backwards over a rock during a spat with a neighbour 🤣 #thievingwaltermitty




SF last night tweeted Derbyshire police, with a screenshot of last nights status from this page, claiming he has had to put up with this harassment/ trolling since April… So here is a little reminder of what HE has done; he attacked the father of Fallen hero Russ Aston, killed in Iraq. Mike, along with other bereaved parents attended the 1st court case & SF called them all Walts for wearing their sons medals with pride. Mike was also presented with this beret by the RMP association & wears it with pride in remembrance, didn’t stop the cnut that is SF sending a message threatening to report him to the police… So retweet this to Derbyshire police SF, they already know what you have done to the wonderful Mike Aston, but it never hurts to share


Following one of Skinflute’s latest retweets, I don’t think i could put it any better than one of our well regarded group members…. (the edited PG version):
“The bleeping irony of an alleged thief retweeting about another thief caught by Derbyshire Police, as if to dumb down his actions by saying at least I didn’t do that – well yes you did, because as in the burger van, you had a bleeping charity box which YOU provided, and would have taken ALL the proceeds from. Un bleeping believable. I know it’s the season of goodwill to all men but I hope he slips in the snow ☃️ and breaks his bleeping neck. ☠️
There are ex-servicemen and women on the streets in this weather, in desperate need, whilst skull bleeper is divvying up his ill gotten gains in his lounge like Dr.No 😡 “
Well said John!
I’d also like to add – the thief in the police tweet stole goods from stores… not goods donated for charity by generous individuals you cnut! 😡


Well after last nights post where the IPCC dismissed his complaint against the Sunday Mirror and highlighted Skinflute’s lack of honesty and integrity, tonight’s is one of outrage and again questioning the legality of what SF is still doing to this day.
On a live fb video post in June, he documented all the donated items taken from his loft and placed in his back garden for itemising, thanking all those who donated, and stated they were either for direct donation to Scotty’s Little Soldiers, or at least for raffle or tombola to raise money for SLS.
Well, we have just reviewed that video, and compared certain items in the video to those that have now appeared on a 99p selling site in Derby!
To confirm this, we cross referenced these items to an inventory he posted on Facebook in November 2016, again these items are on that list.

Obviously desperate for money after being sacked, items such as a personally donated signed copy of Steve Heaney MC’s book, Operation Mayhem have made it on to the selling page… 99p… 99p is what those donations are worth to Skinflute now.
Not for Scotty’s, nor Veterans, Serving Forces goody boxes either.

So to those dwindling few who still support or send to Skinflute, this again highlights what happens to your hard work and loyalty!
To the followers and fakes that come on this page to provoke us, this is who you are in bed with!






So to those dwindling few who still support Skinflute, you may want to read about who you are aligning your loyalties towards.
Everything he denied to supporters, from his confession, to the age of the girl etc is proved true.
It is the own goal of the year!

Skinflute, you need to realise the hopelessness of your situation. Yes you may be able to close a page, but there is another waiting… we have MK 5,6,7 to infinity pages, ready to go….





Skinflute has been in most national newspapers & even on the BBC news for his debauched sexually harassment of women, 14 of which he confessed to, We know the number is much higher. You would think a man who is publicly acknowledged for being a sexual predator, would be cautious of his behaviour, however we know he is a narcissistic psychopath , being sacked from Rolls Royce, he has clearly to much time on his hands. He has been constantly harassing supporters of this campaign with unwanted messages, waves & god forbid, he even pokes!!! However, this screenshot is to a father of 2 young daughters, a family SF has attacked many times, causing them great distress. Note he has asked after the family & has then posted a picture of the elf on the shelf videoing barbies in a bath! Out of the blue to a serving father of 2 young girls….. Inappropriate or what??



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