Walter Mitty Extraordinaire….

Who do you think you’re kidding Mr Webster… yet again the Story Teller is a delusional idiot, as a Cadet, he became a marked man by the IRA….Then he was not even real, he was an undercover reporter & is there no ends to this amazing persons disguises.



Once Upon A Time…..he was crawling through the streets of Baghdad just north of Belfast when the Ira dragon alien predator stopped in a black van and dragged him in. He was then taken to see Paddy Mc Hussein, who with a Scottish accent was hiding in a ditch just south of Derby train station, where he gave them no information except his wife’s bra measurements and half a Twix. They then took him to their secret hideaway on Tracey island, which is about 10 miles from the Iraq Cyprus border. There they put him in a room with the sexiest woman in the world where she sext him so much he was forced to show his sore willy on the internet to every woman he could… he wasn’t tommy tanking he was rubbing in bapathem cos it was sore. Then they made him post on the internet that he was a war hero. Just then James Bond flew in through his window on a zip line with a box of milk tray and he took him back to London which is a small town out side of New York, there he recruited him for his own speshul unit just for him all his own. During his training he was called up by the United Nations of Blackpool and brought to their secret hideaway near Brighton nudist beach. They informed him that some very very bad men had been very very very nawty nawty and had broken into the Iranian embassy and had taken everyone prisoner. They were demanding 2 happy meals, a family vienetta and 3 bottles of vimto, and as you know the British government do not give In to terrorists. Anyway he went there and he flew through the window taking with him a box of malteasers and 2 milky ways. He spanked all the bad men and put them to bed and because all the people that were taken hostage were soooo good they got a malteaser and a smell of his Milky Way… they weren’t having a bite, they didn’t have Skype…And then he kissed the frog who turned into a horse and they all lived happily ever after.

iranian seige

Episode 1 of Extreme Speshal Forces with Walter Mitty Webster…


Next episode….


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