Webby is a video star…..

Oh yes, no notoriety is complete until you have several videos of yourself on YOU TUBE, here are just a few where the star attraction is sadly disappointing & thankfully nor is he doing his usual of banging one out in a toilet cubicle…Thankfully the following are exposing him exposing himself…..

Big Phil Campion- Ex SAS & sums up Webster perfectly….


A little fun to keep us all amused & lets be fair, there is plenty about this object Webster that is highly amusing.



Apologies if the above video offended, just seeing the gimp face leaves a small amount of vomit in mouth…

Next his claim to fame is the BBC South East TV news article. He isn’t very happy about this but oh well, shit happens.


He really is quite popular on YOUTUBE, shame everyone thinks he is a cnut….Next is when he was confronted at an event where he was collecting money without being a charity or registered as a CIC at the time, so basically stealing money.


Thats all for now folks but believe me, there will be more added next week …..

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