Tab Fall Out & bullying of a wife

So the despicable Skinflute complained like a pussy because we posted these screenshots-oh didums, he can dish it out but runs boohooing to Facebook when he gets exposed being the cnut he is, oh well, Facebook dont control this blog do they.

So it makes sense, the first lot of screenshots are from 2013/2014 when Webster, yes Christopher Webster from Derby, I can say what i fucking like on here WEBSTER, Facebook are not going to wipe your tears over here, lolz…. anyway, he pretended he was a veteran & joined an annual evebt called a Tab, infact he enjoyed it so much he forgot that the 1 st year he id it he led folk to believe he was a RM; the following year he went as a veteran from RAMC…. cock.


Then this morning, the veteran who sent us the above messages, received the following abuse from Webbo, the sad little split arse…. We stated that Webbo had his own children under investigation from the NSPCC/ social services, yet here he is showing what a great parent he is, by involving a child of the veteran he contacted to abuse!!!


Then we were sent messages from the wife of a serving member of her majesty’s forces, webster eludes to her husbands rank, hints he knows where she lives & is clearly making veiled threats to a woman who he contacted.

So Webster you sad lowlife, you keep reporting the page because there are 5 back up pages ready to go, give your head a wobble and fuck off, get yourself ready for Tuesday when you have to face the charges you face & I, like others, will be praying that you get sentenced & become the new bitch on a prison wing somewhere……


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