Who Do You Think You’re Kidding Mr Webster…..

Tamworth 5

The evening of Friday 19th May 2017 will go down in history as the greatest screw up of Walting Websters miserable life…….

It all started when he again harassed a lady on Twitter with his well ard mate Chris, threatening to do all sorts, this was documented on the Whodunnit Page of this sorry saga. However in true Walting Webster style, he found a ‘friend’ who is quite possibly the hardest man on Twatter, sorry, I meant Twitter, Chris Archer, ex RM, ex Para, ex SF extrafuckingordinary to be truthful but this 6ft 4 man, weighing in at an unhealthy 19 stone was going to wear his super commando knickers over his combats & save Walting Websters reputation & be rid of all those nasty trolls upsetting the poor lamb… Oh & Walting Webster grew a pair as he paraded with super commando Archer, which in itself is amazing, especially if you’ve seen those dick pics on the first episode of this saga.

Lets start at the beginning for those who have just arrived…..

Archer 3rd

Yes it all started on Twitter as the man in camouflage calling himself Chris Archer, started gobbing off about women who Walting Webster had been whining like a pussy about….

blaming me to archer

Another example of another idiot mixing his words up….. But alas, not to worry Walting Webster, your saviour is just pumping up his overweight torso & flexing those fingers to get very angry on your behalf.

The first encounter with the original challenger…. Archer needs to stop bloating about his body because if he stops to work his BMI out, it aint nothing to be bragging about…

archer gobbing off

OOH handbags, he really isn’t happy with Jeff or does he mean Jedd?

But clouds & silver lining come to hand, he’s bagged himself a bird it never ceases to amaze me how some birds are so desperate… Tell her about your mate Webster, he’s probably been sending her dick pics while you’re fighting his battles for him, like these ones…..



There you go Debs that should sort you out, Webster will travel, he loves a road trip for a shag….. Anyway, where were we, yes, the raging ballbag… He changed his profile photo.

Come to tamworth with body builders photo

Well bugger me backwards, he’s a big boy isn’t he….isn’t he?

Well he would be if it was him instead of this chap who he nicked the photo from…


However, when challenged about the photo not being him, he wasn’t happy….

archer being confronted by rich sharp

He is probably reading through his training manual .

ladybird sas training book

In fact he was so unhappy he started to kick off again, the well ard man blocked everyone!

But that didn’t stop him gobbing off to his adoring audience of Webster & Debs…

Whats with this straightener lark! Who does he think he is, Vidal Fucking Sassoon???

So back to the straightener…It was all to Tamworth Castle for the showdown….1pm Saturday 20th May 2017…

adele asking him for a meeting place

He was asked where exactly at the castle he wanted to meet, he ignored the person asking, how rude!

Archer and webster gloating

Instead he spoke to his mate Webster, still banging on about his hairdressing services & look at little emasculated Webster trying to be all tough, fuck off Webster, you are a no mark & no one wishes to visit you, it’s all happening at Tamworth Castle with your mate who isn’t the bloke in the photo he is pretending to be….

Its a real bromance with these two…..

archer gobbing off 2 asking about wmhc

But is Chris Archer finally seeing the light & finally questioning his loyal stance to the Walting Webster…Bit late stupid, you have invited lots to Tamworth Castle, you cant back down now or you will lose face, not sure whose face as i suppose that tends on whose photo you nicked & used as your own!

chris bragging about no show

Still unable to stop gloating between themselves and look at brave little webster, no shows for sure hey???

Where were you?……..




2 thoughts on “Who Do You Think You’re Kidding Mr Webster…..

  1. I did a little digging as Mr Archer was so free with his personal history;
    I tracked all the way back to 1995 and there is no listingin the London Gazette for a Royal Marine by the name of Archer being commissioned to the rank of Second Lieutenant as he claimed.
    I also clicked on the link on his page to the Close Portection site he’s supposed to be a moderator of, in the Meet the Mods section there are no Royal Marines, SF or otherwise, there is however someone going by the name “Customload” who is based in the Channel Islands but has no military experience listed at all – Food for thought as Webster is so fond of saying


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