The Great ‘Whodunnit’


In this chapter we draw on the expert, Military trained, Walter Mitty Webster, as he attempts to uncover who is responsible for this outrageous outing of him & his dick photos….

This is going to be better than a game of Cluedo……

Lets start with the first attempts of Sherlock Webster accusing his alleged ‘exposer’


Sent to many people was this message from one of his ‘fake friends’

caroline lemon

This time it is 2 women……

to me carol and caroline

And another woman, going for it this time wanting emaill address for his solicitor…

me solicitors letter

Oh lookey now, it is the WMHCHQ & Ian in particular.. how many is it so far, I’ve lost count….


Going for it on Twitter now…..Note the angry typing & great rep for a ‘charity’ to make public, threatening tweets…..

blaming colin

Now he is really getting nasty, vid calls are his speciality…. Yes another person he is accusing…..

colin again

Woohoo he is really going for it on these, i think he has named 3 & then gone all geographical on who it might be…..


Now he is even blaming his dead dad… who allegedly hated him too!!!

Also trustees who have left, is there no end to this blame game, I’m still stuck on the dead being blamed….

dead dads fault

OH my goodness he is now a new type of kitchen roll, he absorbs misery from others….

absorb dead stuff

No one is safe, now it is the neighbour, the same neighbour he also called a pedo….

neighbours fault

Back to blaming Jo again…… on twitter to his ‘well ard’ mate who we are going to enjoy exposing as another fake like Webster, hang on, is it Webster,  I will let you decide….

blaming me to archer

Pull up a sandbag, get yourself comfy & lets have a reet laff at the following.

Archer 2nd

Archer 3rd

Archer 4th

Some one challenged Archer…or is it Webster? Straight for the throat demanding challenger & 5 mates get to Tamworth Castle tomorrow, why Tamworth, Archer live close to Webster does he…….

After blocking the challenger that he demanded to beat at the castle, he then blocked him & went on to brag on his twitter account, feel free to go look on twitter at both Chris’s being twats ….


He even posted this photo to further his intimidation, presumably he likes to flaunt his 6ft 4″, 19 stone physique to send shivers of fear through the challenger & his 5 friends….


However, this photo can be found of this Eastern Europeans Facebook page & on various body building forums……


Epic Fucking Fail Webster….. Lolz.


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