Lets get nawty, do you have Skype?

              You Dirty Bastard


Imagine that as a serving member of her Majesties Armed Forces that you are deployed & your wife or girlfriend is getting this sent to her, against her wishes!!!


So let me tell you about this piece of work & apologies if I sound repetitive about asking if you have Skype… Its contagious & makes me feel nawty, slaps ones self around the face & reminds ones self I am not a dirty Webster bastard….. However, if I was a tad more savvy with this blogging stuff, I would have you listening to Right Said Fred ‘I’m to sexy’…

This is going to be a visual tour about the type of Walter Mitty that not only subjects women to his unwanted porno stances, usually from a classy angle including a toilet, one should really get close to Webster & stick the head on his shoulders in the pan & keep flushing….

I will also show you how he likes to pretend he is a Soldier, a real life action man who suffered such atrocities in his military career, he was left with PTSD, yes, he is battle worn & suffering, draining resources from renowned & overstretched charities like Combat Stress & H4H, poor lamb….

I will also show you how he has run a charitable organisation for 6 years & never been accountable for the donations collected but my gosh, his new bathroom & house look good & him & the wife don’t look like they’ve gone hungry….

However, get humming that I’m to sexy tune & lets read a little bit of his nawty behaviour, by the way, do you have Skype?…oh sorry



Now the above screen shot taken yet again in a toilet!!! Blimey, bet he doesn’t even buy a bird a half pint of shandy before lunging for the grope and salivating snog, well, this was to a young girl allegedly 17 years old & as you can read, she clearly states she has come home from college, when challenged about this tonight, he claimed it was edited and he was going to prove it, crack on Webster, the only edit is your little fella by the tremendous Walter Mitty Hunters Club Head Quarters, you know the ones action man, the ones who have succeeded in pulling a blinder on you this past week and I don’t mean in a toilet either, by the way, Do you have Skype?…oh gosh, I am sorry, I am so nawty…

Serious point: The Walter Mitty Club are well respected & renowned for their amazing work, regularly appearing in the nation media, being applauded for their outstanding contribution to exposing those poor little souls who believe they are all action men, you can read all about them & their full expose on Webster & others by following this link


Back to right said Fred singing… I’m going to give you lots of reading material.






Oh looky here, he has even tried his luck across the pond…Nawty Nawty



So as I have a mountain of dick & ‘do you have skype’ ‘Lets get nawty’ ‘oh sorry’ stuff to work through, now is a good time to get yourselves settled for a little light entertainment while I run my ragged eyes through it all, mean while, lets see if we can decide which of the following he is…..

New tune to add at this point, The Dambusters, get that humming going for this part…

So lets talk about his illustrious military career, the time spent serving Queen & Country that caused the poor little lamb to suffer with PTSD, oh boo hoo for him… He likes to big himself up & swaggers like Jagger in those combats purchased from his local market, he proudly wears his veterans badge & depending on what year it is, he wears a different regimental belt & beret, God loves a trier…. Lets not forget his wonderful tattoo that he goes to a lot of effort to show, to roll up one sleeve on his t-shirt, why doesn’t he just buy cap sleeved t’s, so much more practical…..

his fake credentials

i am ex military.png

So lets look at his CV he proudly posted on Facebook… Yes he was a TA, in his own words, he did 8 weekends with them back in 1992/93, so 16 days in total, was there a war you could go to just at weekends? I will find where he got his PTSD from….. I will come back to his illustrious career.

I particularly like this little bit of walting he did, bear in mind this one was only in the last couple of years, Nawty Nawty liar Webster & to a woman whose son was KIA too.

on standby

The following are just a few of his posts about his PTSD, the only action this Walt has seen is usually in his bathroom or toilet cubicle at work, where he bangs one out on video to unsuspecting women….


fake service

Erm no you didn’t…liar liar pants are on fire.

The above shows how he deliberately misleads well meaning peeps into thinking he has combat PTSD & in case you missed it on his infamous Facebook profile, he took to twitter to make sure everyone on social media knew….

And my favourite one which really makes me laugh my arse off….

dark dog



The only dark dog he is trained to fight is this one below

little dark dog

Now throughout the recent expose of action man, he has come across some questions, some are particularly entertaining , see if you agree….

i see dead soldiers


i see dead people
I Love Nathan…..

Clearly he doesn’t take well to be challenged, got to say as he grasps like a lunatic at those straws, his excuses spew from his fingers as he types trying to save his sinking ship, hang on he’s not Navy, he was king of the army wasn’t he, I’m confused!

navy supporter

Yes, like every good soldier on Army v Navy day…..


Websters intelligence is highly entertaining & we can all sleep safely knowing he’s taking care of our Armed Forces , a smile in a box for those real soldiers, sailors & RAF & Nawty photos, messages & ‘Do you have Skype ‘ fun for those waiting at home…


Oh well that’s ok then, Civvies are fair play…. now let me think, there were several Navy Wives, Air force wives, a few army wives & even the wife of a US Marine…

how many go to college

Really Webster, really? How many 17 year olds go to college? Oh damn, there goes my bladder…… And looking at his appalling spelling, I’m guessing he didn’t go to college.


When Webster is challenged, he struggles, as to be a good liar, you need to remember what lies you have told, but occasionally he picks on the wrong woman and in true girl power, this one wiped the floor with him . Go sister, whoop whoop, you nearly had the Nawty boy spewing it all. The following is a discussion about his Nawty behaviour & the alleged 17 year old he was recently ‘exposed exposing himself to’ on the now infamous Bang it out in the toilet video……

Lauren 1 confession

Oh I bet Mrs Webster is chuffed to bits to read this ….Lolz

Lauren confession 2

Lauren confession 3

lauren confession 4

lauren confession 5

lauren confession 6




14 thoughts on “Lets get nawty, do you have Skype?

  1. Guys you do an amazing job. I love investigating ‘incidents and situations’, dotting all of the i’s and crossing all of the t’s and getting my facts spot on so that I can nail scum! I’m certain that you get that same ‘lovely, warm feeling’ when you know that you are going to nail a dodgy, lying fuckwit to the wall. And this numbskull is definitely worth the effort. The retarded, sicko, fuckwit, low life that he is. He needs a straight jacket and a Hanibal Lecter face guard. Good luck gents. (ex serviceman, 9 years, The 14th/20th King’s Hussars.)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The dark dog??? (It’s called and correct me if I am wrong “The Black Dog of The Celts”) I am from Southern Ireland so it might be a regional thing. I spent 14 years in the British Army currently serving in the reserves, and I can say that this guy has got away with this for so long I am really quite surprised he is not in jail for all of this??? as for the PSTD most of us are to proud to go looking for help and would not go unless it was the very last option (After all nobody wants to look like a fanny) so it always amazes me how many of this types are looking for sympathy. On another note he should have been arrested for his harassment of these women


  3. Really disgusted by this as my husband does really suffer with p.t.s.d. This blokes an idiot just wanting attention but if he talked to my daughter like that at college I dread to think of my actions… he needs help ..

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What an absolute cocksnogger! This lizard could do with a regimental bath to set him straight. Extremely surprised that nobody has done so after the messages to the daughters/wives mentioned when the guys are deployed. If there’s a list I can put my name on, I’ll supply the bass broom!!!


  5. The sooner Webster and company get banged up behind bars the better for all concerned. Having spoken to many service personnel most have never ever heard of his Shoebox charities let alone ever received anything. He is one massive fraudster and will continue to do so until such time as he is stopped permenantly by whoever can do so.


  6. What a piece of work he is hope he gets locked up very soon you can clearly see thats sexual harrasment. This skin flute is a menace to public an needs eradicating quickly.


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